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Why would I choose Nurse at Night over a nanny?

Every nurse is a college educated RN, experienced in newborn care, is infant CPR certified, and has passed a criminal background check. No other company requires this list of qualifications from all of their care providers.

If I am a breastfeeding mom what will the nurse do at night when it’s time for my baby to eat?

The nurse can either bring your baby to your room to nurse or she can have you come to the nursery to feed.  Also, if you have accumulated enough breast milk, the nurse can bottle feed the infant your breast milk to allow you a longer time of consistent sleep.

How often will I need Nurse at Night?

There are no minimum or maximum amount of nights needed to utilize our service.  Care can be provided for just one night or for many months.

What time will my nurse arrive at night and leave in the morning?

We typically provide care from the hours of 10pm to 6am. We will arrive 15 minutes early on the first night and 5 minutes early thereafter.  At 6am the nurse will provide you with the Nurse at Night care log updating you on your baby’s diaper changes, feedings, and other important information.