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Moms On Call, LLC is an Atlanta-based company founded by two pediatric nurses, Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker. They started serving local families in 2003 with in-home parenting consultations from birth to four years of age. The Moms On Call method was so successful in getting babies to sleep through the night, the company grew over 600% in the first three years, making them well known all over the United States. Every consultant is personally trained by Laura and Jennifer on their proven Moms on Call method, and we are excited to offer this service in South Carolina!

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Sleep Coaching services and fees

Your consultation will cover: how to develop effective sleep habits, Feeding techniques that promote proper digestion (especially for babies with reflux), provide customized newborn care education, Establishing the best routine for your baby, Specific soothing techniques that work instantly, Step-by-Step instructions on daily care including proper swaddling, nail clipping, and bathing.