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“Nurse at Night allowed me to rest assured knowing that my boys were in the most capable hands. Having a registered nurse care for the boys at night gave me the peace of mind that they would always be taken care of. All of the nurses are professional, caring, and wonderful with my babies.  I can’t thank them enough for helping us out.” ~ Bess 

“Nurse at Night has been such a blessing to me and to our family. As a first time mother, knowing that when a nurse is on for the night, that I will get some much needed rest and be fully confident that my child is well cared for throughout the night is priceless. All of the nurses are not only knowledgeable but very caring as well. I have become quite attached to all of them!” ~ Liz

“Using Nurse at Night was a fabulous experience for me and my husband.  I highly recommend them to anyone with a newborn, from the first night we brought him home, I was able to rest easy knowing my baby was in the best hands. They always made me feel comfortable, answered any questions we had and helped us get the critical sleep I needed in those first few weeks. I am so thankful they were able to work with us and will use them again!” ~ Jenni Strauss

“When Zack and I welcomed Lily & Sofia into this world at 32 weeks, we were overcome with joy and then lots of fear.  We had a 15 month old daughter at home and no family in the area to help us out.

After the girls spent 30 days in the hospital, we were without help for quite some time.  We were so blessed to have Liz and Nurse At Night come into our lives. After meeting Liz we felt such a sense of relief. She is one of the sweetest, most caring people we have ever met. Over the past eight months, we have had a wonderful group of nurses who were able to help us out through some pretty rough times. Lily and Sofia endured home heart & lung monitors (we still jump every time the microwave beeps!), battled RSV and tubes put into both ears.

Liz and her team were always happy to come to our rescue and we were able to sleep at night knowing our babies were in great hands.
I truly can’t say enough great things about Nurse At Night.  A wonderful company with an amazing staff. We have you on speed dial!!!  Thank you for everything.” ~ Zack & Julie Place

“While I have never before written an online review for any product or service, I was so impressed with Nurse at Night that I wanted to spread the word. I used Nurse at Night when my husband was traveling overseas for a week and I was home with a newborn. From the moment I contacted Nurse at Night, I felt confident that I was in good hands and that their help would compensate for his absence. Liz came to our home and talked through all the details of the baby’s routine and my preferences for her care. Since I was exclusively breastfeeding, I had to be “on call” throughout the night so it was important to me that I not spend time explaining the routine to each nurse in order to maximize sleep between feeds. Liz made sure to staff only a few different nurses in order to preserve consistency and had explained everything to them beforehand so that the nights went absolutely seamlessly. She would check in with me periodically and unobtrusively during the day after each visit to ensure that all had gone well and to see whether I had any new instructions.

Beyond providing a great overnight service, Liz and her team went the extra mile time and time again to support me in adjusting to my newborn. For example, Liz suggested a particular kind of bassinet to assist with her reflux, and then went out of her way to pick it up at the store and have it ready for me the first night. In addition, Kim stopped by my home in the daytime hours on very short notice when I wanted some general advice and a spare set of hands. The nurses were efficient, wonderfully friendly, absolutely respectful of all my preferences, and provided peace of mind that my baby was getting the best care. I truly can’t recommend this service highly enough to all the sleep-deprived, frazzled parents out there!” ~ Jordana K.